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Sir John Lavery (1856 - 1941) - A lady in white


Edgar Degas - Entrance of the Masked Dancers, 1882.


Maitre des Heures Collins - Sacerdoce de la Vierge; Musee du Louvre, Paris, France; 1438

The theology of the image may be understood in the words on the banner next to the kneeling donor: “Digne vesture au prestre souverain,” “Vestment worthy of the sovereign priest.” In the French, “priest” is grammatically masculine, so it refers to Christ, not Mary; she is the “vestment” worthy of bearing the Son of God, who will be both priest and victim in the sacrifice of Calvary. 
The Gospel Book that Mary carries in the image supports this incarnational theme. The gospel is God’s Word, just as Christ is the eternal “Word made flesh” of John 1. Mary “carries” both. Moreover, the French word “carry” also means “wear,” so in wearing the priestly garments she is again “carrying” the Sovereign Priesthood that is her son.


Poppy Field in Giverny ~ Claude Monet


 Vittorio Corcos

La reina Isabel de Borbón, a caballo (detail), Diego Velázquez, 1635–6


John Martin - Arthur and Aegle in the Happy Valley (1849)


Gabby Malpas


Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell (Scottish, 1883-1937), Interior, Ainslie Place. Watercolour 36 x 35 cm.
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Sunlit Interior - Edouard Vuillard


Seated Nude with Mirror - Antonio Vidal Rolland

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