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Achilles Drops the Corpse of Hector at the Feet of Patroclus. 1769. Joseph Barthelemy Lebouteux. French. 1744-1791. Winner Prix de Rome. oil/canvas.


The Orchard, William Henry Kemble Yarrow 


Childe Hassam
Celia Thaxter’s Garden, Isles of Shoals, Maine
Oil on canvas
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
From the ARTstor website:
    This painting is one of the finest of a series of works that Hassam made during summers in the 1890s on Appledore Island, one of the Isles of Shoals, which lie ten miles east of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This series portrays the sumptuous wildflower garden cultivated by his friend, poet Celia Thaxter, a garden that provided a marvelous contrast to the rugged terrain of the island itself. In this painting, vibrant red poppies entangled in lush green foliage introduce a view of bleached Babb’s Rock. The painting shows Hassam at the height of his creativity as an American Impressionist.


Lovers in a Cafe - Gotthardt Kuehl


Sexuality as social construct: Foucault is misunderstood by conservatives and liberals.
"In The History of Sexuality, Foucault writes that Western society’s views on sex have undergone a major shift over the past few centuries. It’s not that same-sex relationships or desires didn’t exist before—they definitely did. What’s relatively new, though, is 1) the idea that our desires reveal some fundamental truth about who we are, and 2) the conviction that we have an obligation to seek out that truth and express it.
Within this framework, sex isn’t just something you do. Instead, the kind of sex you have (or want to have) becomes a symptom of something else: your sexuality.”
Painting: Correggio.Venus and Mercury w Cupid (The School of Love).c1525.[NG.London]


The Front Garden of the Steinbertschen Villa in Berlin - Max Slevogt


Bellona (detail), Rembrandt, 1633


1800s Week!
Simon Willem Maris
Portrait of a Young Black Woman
Netherlands (1890s)
44 x 29 cm.
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
The Image of the Black in Western Art Research Project and Photo Archive, W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research, Harvard University


The Foam Sprite - Herbert James Draper


Fruit Still-Life with a Silver Beaker by Jan Davidsz de Heem
Date: 1648


Lady on a Balcony, Albert Edelfelt Finnish


Joos van Cleve, Salvator Mundi, c. 1540-1


Eugene Thirion, The portrait depicts Joan of Arc’s awe upon receiving a vision from the Archangel Michael, detail, 1876


Antonio Balestra (Verona 1666-1740), L’anima di Abel ascende al cielo - Abel’s soul ascend to heaven, 18th century, Castelvecchio Museum, Verona

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